I predict you are going to channel your mother....
As a child there were many things my parents said to me which I promised I would never ever subject my children to, so you can only imagine my surprise at the amount of times I have stood there and my mother's voice has come out of my mouth.

Maybe it's because we feel so out of our depth with parenthood that we fall back on what we know and channel our parent's voices. Perhaps we have been so conditioned as children that we have no real choice but to automatically repeat the same phrase when confronted with the same situation. I have no answer.

I'll let you be the judge. I give you the 10 things I promised myself I would never say to my kids, but have...

1. Money doesn't grow on trees.

2. Because I said so.

3. We don't always get what we want.

4. Just because all your friends are doing it doesn't mean you have to

5. Would you like a smack?

6. There are kids in other countries who are starving and they'd love to eat the food you're turning your nose up at!

7. We should have called you "whingie" - you're very good at it.

8. Turn the TV over the News is about to start.
9. You are not going anywhere until you've eaten it.

10. I don't care if all your friends have one you're not getting it.

Got your own? I'd love to hear them - add them to the list.



02/12/2013 10:36pm

Sounds like a tape recording of Chez Abulous. Expect #3 regularly gets sung to the tune of the Rolling Stones classic. My kids love nothing more than the sound of my dulcet tones. My version of #7 is "if you were a mutant you'd be Whingerine. You'd wear down the bad guys with your constant whinging".

02/13/2013 1:23am

OMG - I LOVE that "Whingerine" - I am so using that. Look at you, giving me a reason to look forward to the next time they whinge! Score!

02/14/2013 8:53pm

I feel your pain. I agree that parenting is so confusing, and each child is different so it's easy to fall back on cliches.
Would you like a smack? - made me giggle. We say the most ridiculous things sometimes.
I find I get stressed with my son and use the same things my Mum said like "it's enough to drive anyone to despair". :)

02/14/2013 9:14pm

I actively try really hard not to be like my mother but occasionally I open my mouth and ... bugger me but there she is!

I can't add any lines because, well, I've blocked them from my mind! :)

02/14/2013 10:56pm

OMG ... I say all of these, or variations of them anyway! One that comes to mind "If all your friends jumped off a cliff, doesn't mean that you should too"!

02/15/2013 3:18am

Oh some of these are far too familiar - especially the "do you want a smack" question - too funny! Sometimes I sound so much like my parents I scare myself!

02/18/2013 5:42pm

Oh man I totally could've written this :( The smack one seems to flow so easily from my mouth now my kids are older. Great post :)

02/20/2013 9:44pm

LOL! These are classic! Where did we come up with "Would you LIKE a smack"?? Really! But man, we use it all the time!


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