Here's the thing, being a stay at home mum is one of the most underrated and demanding jobs you can do, there are no financial rewards but on the upside you do get paid in kisses and hugs.. which most people would not want from their bosses anyway (yep, I know you just thought about a boss paying you in hugs and kisses .. now get that visual image out of your head) and aside from the lack of monetary gain there are also no special lunches for peoples birthdays, no after work drinks (drinking on your own doesn't count) and no Christmas party.

So imagine how pleased I was to have the chance to frock on up and go along to my hubbies work Christmas party and it was nice. Nobody tried to hit on anyone else's wife and nobody tried to photocopy their butt. Probably the fact that it was not held in the office assisted with the last activity failing to occur. This year the party was held at Melbourne Aquarium (oooh fancy) and it was a really nice event. Waiters meet us at the door with glasses of champagne and moved around the crowd with trays of delicious morsels.  There were actually a number of work dos being held there at the same time - so we didn't actually know everyone but it made for some interesting people watching. Unfortunately I don't have pic's of the  best and worst dressed which is disappointing as there was someone there who would have given Lady Ga Ga a run for her money but I still have a few pic's of the night.
My hubby and I getting out feral free for a nice night out.
Here's hoping that you have gotten out to enjoy at least one Christmas party or drinks this festive season. I do have one or two more smaller events to go, including drinks out with friends from the gym... but I am thinking that's the type of event where someone may just end up photocopying their butt ... I'll keep you posted.

What event are you looking forward to most in the lead up to Christmas?

12/09/2012 9:34pm

I got commandeered into going to the daycare end of year BBQ. My five year old got wind of the fact they were holding a disco and there was absolutely no avoiding it then. Despite feeling completely run down I grabbed a bottle of wine and went along. It turned out to be a very enjoyable evening chatting away to the other parents and the kids had a total blast. My little divas were podium dancing as you do.

12/10/2012 12:08am

Excellent. It's good that it all ended well, those things can go either way!


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