As I have aged and especially since I hit 40 (and some) I have found it much easier to put weight on and much harder to lose it and the weird thing is I am still pretty much the same weight - the area it seems to congregate has just changed. It seems to be turning up (very much unwanted) in my mid section.

I have also found issue with my lack of energy and I generally becoming a bit of a cranky pants. Now you can put all this down to just being a bit run down or the kids driving me into the ground but it just didn't feel right. It seems to me that anyone with kids, trying to have kids, just had a kid or even one who has older kids is going to be fairly worn down on a daily basis. It's difficult enough trying to get out there and make a mark in your own life without having to be in charge of other people's schedules, food intake and just generally making sure they are not eating washing powder or trying to ride the dog (that's toddlers - not mums of older kids, one would hope). So I headed off to see a naturopath.

Now the naturopath listened very sympathetically to all my issues and offered some herbal and such remedies to try and alleviate my problems. Part of that required me to keep a food diary just to see what I was actually consuming. I have a very sweet tooth - in fact I don't remember ever meeting a cake I didn't like (EVER). So trying to cut back on some of life's great joys seemed to me like one giant hill and here is where the recommendation comes in. Cinnamon tablets. Yep, tablets. We have all heard of cinnamon, you can sprinkle it on your toast, yogurt and chai latte but tablets?? You can pick them up at the chemist and take one before each meal and it works! (well it has for me).

What exactly do cinnamon tablets do, I hear you thinking. Well, basically they help with your metabolism - speeding it up (cause apparently it slows down after 40), so cinnamon gives it a bit of a kick start. But the really exciting part of it is that cinnamon helps regulate your blood sugar. Which means you don't get those mid morning and mid afternoon spikes when you have to have a chocolate right now!! This means no more sugar highs - when you get that immediate sugar rush and no more lows (when you could fall asleep waiting in the car at school pickup).

Since I started taking the cinnamon tablets before each main meal I have felt a lot more even. I don't feel like having a little lay down in the afternoon (good thing really since my toddler cut out his day time naps there's no time for that now anyway) and I have found it much easier to cut back on the sweet stuff and as a result I have lost 3 kg and 5cm off my waist! And I have more energy to deal with the washing powder eating, dog riding and occasional acts of nudity (the toddlers - not mine).

If you are feeling those morning and afternoon highs and lows and wanted to cut back on the sweet stuff, give it a go. I would love to hear how you go with it.

I also wanted to take a quick moment to announce the winner of the hallmark text bands competition. Drum roll please..... the winner is Wendy Williams. Congratulations Wendy, look out for an email in your inbox so I can get your text bands out to you soon.



P.S - In my next post I am going to let you in on a basic exercise I have just added to my regime which is simple and has really helped with all over toning and some interesting recipes I have been taste testing on the kids.

3/17/2013 08:17:16 pm

I haven't heard of cinnamon tablets. I've been trying to get back on my diet all year with no success. Maybe I should give these tabs a go!


3/17/2013 09:40:32 pm

I'm so happy I could pass on this tip then Vanessa - let me know how it goes!

3/18/2013 03:47:30 pm

Wow, I thought I had heard of every diet under the sun - being that I am a failed serial dieter, but I have never heard of cinnamon tablets - am off to check them out :) well done in your loss :)

Hello from #teamIBOT

3/21/2013 07:03:39 pm

It's not so much a diet as a tip to help keep you on track. It just kinda takes the edge off of the sweet cravings! Good luck with it.

3/18/2013 04:30:41 pm

I have never heard of cinnamon tablets either, sounds interesting I know I really need to cut down on sugary sweet things so I think I'll give it a go. Thanks for sharing :)

3/21/2013 07:04:11 pm

You're welcome!

3/18/2013 04:59:46 pm

Cinnamon tablets sound intriguing, I will ask my doctor about them. Well done on the weight loss!

3/21/2013 07:04:46 pm

Thanks - it's always a bit of a struggle to fight off the sweets cravings!

3/21/2013 08:09:11 pm

Thankfully I am not a huge sweet fan. But I do love a sweet chocolate or two. Restricting it is sometimes a challenge. I now just dont buy any and have them in the house :)

3/25/2013 09:34:46 am

Thank you for that PSA... Cinnamon tablets?!! Never heard of them but I will definitely investigate. My Naturopath will be grilled on this subject! Good luck.


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