It's that time of the year again, yep that's right, the day you're left wondering what on earth you are  going to buy for your kids to give to their fathers on father's day?

I guess once your kids have reached a certain age they can sort that stuff out for themselves and it's really out of your hands, but with little ones I'm often left scratching my head.

We have an even bigger dilemma at our house in that it is also my husband's birthday at this time of year. Sometimes it actually falls on the same day - but we still have to celebrate both Fathers day and his Birthday at the same time. The conversation goes a little like this. "What do you think you would like for Fathers / your birthday this year?" to which he often replies (as he did again this year) "I don't know". So if you've got someone who can't even mention a few things that appeal to them, how are you supposed to get them something they might like?

One year I left my son in charge of the present buying and sent him off with some cash to the Fathers Day stall at school and being only six at the time he was very excited about having free reign. Unfortunately, he bought home a coffee mug with "The World's Best Grandfather" emblazoned across it ..... for his father.

So now we are back to the yearly dilemma of what to buy for someone who doesn't even know what he would like, even if he could buy it for himself. Sure you could go the usual socks and undies (hardly very inspiring) or a Bunning's voucher (not very personal).  Last year we thought we would give him an experience to remember, so we brought him a flight in a Tiger Moth (which he had actually said he would like) and then he developed claustrophobia and couldn't bring himself to get in the plane. So you see my dilemma. 

I like to be organised and I usually have presents on hand well before the date of an actual celebration, whatever the event is but sometimes my husband comes in a number of days before said event and claims to know what he wants now. Which drives me just a little bit crazy. The thing is, even though he often gets on my nerves he's a good Father. He loves them,  cuddles them, kisses them, reads them stories and tucks them in at night. So, it would be really nice to have something which reflects that. And then there's my father to buy for as well, who has now decided to go off on his last hoorah trip to Columbia (it is not my place to question why, just to wave him off at the airport).

I hope that you all find that perfect gift for the Father's in your life and that your children have a man in their lives who loves them as much as you do.




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