When my husband is sick, the world stops. Well, his world does anyway. He lies on the lounge or goes to bed until he feels better. Which, is really what we all want to do when we're not feeling our best.

When  a mum feels sick, everything continues on as normal. Kids have to be taken to the bus stop, toddlers have to be dressed and fed, lunches and dinners have to be made. It all goes on...... and on.

I actually had a number of ideas for today's post floating around my head and then I woke up feeling rubbish. All I wanted to do was go back to bed and wake up when I felt better. But being a mum that is very rarely an option.

So, what do we do? Continue on as normal and wait (make that, count down the time) for nap time (theirs, not mine) - lucky for me, we still have one.....and race in to get in my own nap while there at it!




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