I know that I am not the first person to have a small child throw themselves on the ground kicking and screaming because they have had enough, or not had enough, or are tired, or overexcited or just can't get their own way and really want to let you know  about it. But what is the best way to handle said meltdown??

Well, today I thought we might look at my top 3 ways to handle a full on, screaming, crying, kicking tantrum (from your toddler that is, if it's you that is having a very public meltdown.... you are on your own.)  

Tip 1

The first tip is

to walk away and pretend that they belong to someone else, of course there are a number of limitations to this one, and it depends very much on where you are. If you are out at a very public venue and the view of your child is limited once you have walked away, you are left peaking through racks of clothes or shelves of groceries SAS camouflage style. Just to make sure that they are safe and no-one else is carrying them away whilst you are trying to pretend that you have actually walked away. I find this one probably works best when you are in an enclosed area - i.e. one where they can't escape from an alternate route as soon as you turn your back. 

Tip 2

A personal favourite of mine is Ignoring the behaviour. I myself have carried on  normal conversations (to the best of my ability) with friends whilst having a child flailing about, screaming at my feet. OK, I admit it, it's not an easy one to do at first but after the first dozen meltdowns it does become easier to pretend it's not happening as you kind of just tune it out until it passes. (And the upside of this is that they usually become shorter - the tantrum, not the child, obviously). I find this one is the most difficult when you are conversing
with someone who doesn't own a small angry person of their own. Other mothers know where you are coming from and are often used to tuning out their own small tyrants.

Tip 3

My final tip (and one that I often resort to, especially if I feel that the area we are in is not a safe area to just walk away and ignore it) - is the underarm log. I have carried my small person like a small angry log tucked under my arm on a number of occasions including into the car or house and out of other areas.  I carry him only  until I have reached a safe area where I can put him down and then revert back to ignoring the behaviour. 

Please know that whichever method you choose for dealing with your own Toddler Tyrant that you will always receive the hairy eyeball from passersby who either don't have children or have forgotten what it is like to have them. The only tip I can offer for that is to take a deep breath and continue on - you don't need to impress those losers anyway!!

If you have any other methods you would like to share please add them to the comments and don't forget to let me know if my tips have worked for you.

Nobody said being in charge was easy and it's the one job you can't quit!!

Good luck, 


07/14/2012 9:12pm

Imitating the behaviour including pitch volume and flailing limbs. Embarrassing but shocks the hell out of the kid!

07/15/2012 9:36pm

I do like that - but I'm thinking I would rather see someone else giving that one a whirl rather than chucking myself onto the ground!!


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