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We all know one. Just like the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman - we find her a little bit hard to take and slightly unhinged but we have to deal with her anyway because this type of person is unavoidable.

You know what I'm talking about, the stay at home mum that has spent so long feeling under- appreciated or unnoticed or didn't get enough attention from her father when she was small ....I don't really know the reason why... does it matter??

At this point, I should take the opportunity to point out that this affliction is not isolated to stay at home mums and not all stay at home mums are on a power trip - but they seem to pop up when you least expect it AND it can be scary!

These power trips are usually unpaid "labours of love", such as the canteen mum or the mum left in charge of the uniform shop, or helping out in the library. It often (but must be said not always) revolves around some school activity .... because she is a much better mum than you are - giving up her time to help those around her, AND you should know that!!

These are the women that call you up, to let you know that they are doing you a favour (i.e. the job they put their hand up for) and what an inconvenience it is. Your uniform came in, your book is out and you haven't filled in a form properly. They speak to you in a loud, clipped tone like they are explaining something to an idiot. (You). And they leave you just as abruptly, thinking about how you could have handled that differently and wondering how you just let someone speak to you so rudely, when you spend most of your day trying to instil manners into the small people around you.

The same can also be said for those women on a power trip who claim something as their own and will fight others off, "mean girls style" for ownership of it AND watch out if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time - no matter how clueless you are to their rules! These things can be (and are not limited to) stuff like parking spaces and a particular spot in the gym. Stuff, you can't actually own but they will bitch slap you for standing in it anyway. 
This type of person although often coming across like a "don't mess with me"  type of mother, always strikes me as a little sad. I often wonder how sad and  miserable they must be in their everyday life when the only way they know how to  deal with people is by treating them like inconvenient idiots?? It must be very tiring and lonely. I mean, nobody actually wants to have coffee with the Evil Queen do they?? They just keep their heads down and try to remain inconspicuous so she doesn't start in on them.

Something to think about.




07/05/2012 6:18am

so true and sad


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