I do love the focus and energy of coming up with something new to share with you all each week. It is always nice to be able to share the experience of Mother Hood and not feel like you are battling on alone - and I know that we all have days when it really does feel like that. I remember one particular incident when my then three year old head butted me in the eye whilst we were standing in a toilet cubicle together and it took all my strength not to start balling in eyes out (it wasn't just the head butt, I was already on the edge). 

My point to all this is that sometimes we need a break and being school holidays and all, I have decided to take a week off from posting and sharing on Mother Load. I will be taking some time to spend energy on the people hanging out with me at home and coming back with renewed vigour to Mother Load in a little over a week.

I hope that you all get a chance to enjoy your family whilst the routines are not so strict and and frantic and you have a little breathing space with your family (but I guess if your anything like me, you might already be counting down the days until school goes back...).




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