I know, now that I've got you in with that snappy title your looking forward to learning how to make a delightful Spinach Pizza but alas, no. I do not have a gourmet recipe al a Master Chef for you to whip up in your spare time. Really, what happened was, a spinach pizza got me thinking about trying new things.

It all started when I was shopping the aisle of my local NQR (that's Not Quite Right for the uninitiated, a grocery store that sells things which may not have jumped off the shelves somewhere else for whatever reason - I know how that might sound but occassionally you come across something you wanted at rock bottom prices).

Anyhoo, as I was wandering the frozen aisle, deciding whether I really needed that fourpack of Magnum Icecreams.... my attention was caught by a bargain deal for Spinach Pizzas - I know what you're thinking - "Spinach Pizza! Delish. What's to think about!? Grab that Bargain!". No? Seriously? OK .... well, it was probably closer to  the first thought that crossed my mind, which was "Really?? Spinach Pizza? Who would buy that!?". But, then as I stood there contemplating the fact that it was indeed a bargain, I watched others walk past and pick up the pizza's, load them in their trolleys and continue on their merry ways. I began to discuss this with myself (in my head - of course. I'm not totally crazy.......)
"Well, it IS a bargain."
 "Other people are trying it out."
 "How bad could it be?"
 "BUT, it's SPINACH pizza!!"
"Well, it IS a bargain!"

So finally, this internal dialogue came to an end and I thought what the hell, let's just try it. Home I went with my NQR bargains only to have my husband turn his nose up at the thought of spinach pizza. Well, we tried it ... and it was delicious. I had not really expected that. In fact I even went back today and bought more while the deal was still on.

I know what you're thinking.... enough of spinach pizza already. Yawn.

The thing is, it really got me thinking about trying new things. How hesitant we are to try something new and unknown because of the sound of it. Rock climbing, a new movie, a new haircut, a new job... it doesn't matter what it is. The thought of it freaks you out so much that you are stuned into inaction - you do not move forward. You contemplate (as I did), what could go wrong, why it won't work or why you won't like it. OK, some things, like a sense of personal safety should definately be considered before taking on say, rock climbing or jumping out of a plane. But, generally speaking, should we be more open to things before we begin tossing up why we won't like them?? Should we be getting out of our comfort zones more often and trying new things?? What awaits us on that road less travelled? A new passion, a new taste, world domination??

I know my trying of the spinach pizza was a small thing as far as new things go but it will be added to my list of new things tried, such as an ereader (which I never thought I would embrace - who knew! I love it), taking on my 365 day blog challenge, playing with Pinterest (another thing I thought I'd hate and now love!), screen printing lessons and working out in the gym rather than just turning up to classes.

OK, I'll admit I haven't loved every new thing I have tried (even in the last month) but I wouldn't have known either way if I had not given them a go and I have found lots of lovely new things, including spinach pizza.

Step outside your comfort zone and get out there and try something new!! Let me know if you do!

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