I know it's Melbourne - where are the four seasons in one day that everyone talks about so fondly? - Not me, mind you.

Well this morning as I walked my 9 year old to the bus stop in a balmy 9 degrees it got me thinking about winter and what people actually see in it. I mean, people actually move to cold areas FOR THE COLD??? New job, new love ... whatever, I get that. I just don't get the enjoying the cold bit and moving to be closer to it.

So, in an effort to see what others see,  I looked around a little on my stroll alone back from the bus stop and took the "vision" that is winter in.
Well, still not enjoying the cold ... but who doesn't love a good puddle and a moody sky!?
I believe you've gotta find your joy where you can!!

I would love some comments on what you enjoy about winter or even better (if you are like me) what you are looking forward to doing once it gets a bit warmer. I know it's a long way off but we have just passed the shortest day of the year, so it can really only be up from here!

Find your joy,



06/22/2012 2:28am

only good thing about Winter is my bed :) ....LOL
it gets me down feel soooo much better in warmer weather looking forward to less clothes and more sunshine woo hooo bring it on...:P

06/22/2012 2:32am

I know what you mean. Is it sad that I make my bed in the morning and say to it ... be back soon?

06/22/2012 5:07am

Keep blogging Mother-Load! Cause I've never got tired of hearing your option over the past 25 years xxx

06/22/2012 9:02pm

; ) - thanks!

06/27/2012 4:04am

I love winter, Lee. Or should that be LOVE winter? It is my favourite season of the year. I've always found it to be romantic, serene and a time for reflection. It's like the world is telling me to slow down and go within for a short time (before the snakes come out in spring - eek!).

I love the grey skies, the wet decaying leaves, cold wind, bare branches, puddles, feeling rain on my face, mist, fog, the fresh coldness of the air against my skin (when it can reach it under four layers of clothing and two scarves) and the moisture droplets that gather in my hair on a cold morning. I love going for long walks and listening to beautiful film scores on my iPod when it is cold. Yes, I'm an utter romantic at heart, and I guess it makes me feel that I'm living in a scene of my own making. It's gorgeous.

There used to be a sense of dread when I knew spring was just around the corner. As I've grown older and somewhat wiser I've learned to embrace and enjoy every season. My favourite being winter, of course, followed by autumn, spring and then summer.

P.S. You have inspired me to write a post about winter on my soon-to-be published blog. Thank you.

06/27/2012 4:56am

Wow, thanks Lily - you really do have a love of winter! It has given me another way to look at it - but I still don't think I will ever love it. The cold is not for me - no matter how romantic it sounds! I am glad to have inspired you and good luck with your blog!


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