I had a post all ready to go today and then Connecticut happened. It's hard to believe that we are so connected through the internet that it almost feels like it happened here in Australia.

I felt compelled to write a post about this absolute tragedy which has just happened to 26 innocent little souls in America because I can't talk about it. Every time I go to breach the subject with someone in person it makes me want to cry and I know if I open the floodgates - they might not close.

Every parent's worst nightmare was realised when a 20 year old lone gun man walked into a school in Connecticut and mowed down 20 innocent children and six of their teachers and care givers. It has left so many people wondering what could possess someone to commit such a horrific, senseless crime and it has left 26 families with wounds so big they will never fully heal.

As a human being you cannot help but feel affected by this tragedy but as a parent you can not help but spend a little longer hugging your own children and a little more time watching them play and sleep and take part in the great adventure of life which surrounds them and feel so very very sad for those that have lost that.  

The cyclone which is currently threatening Fiji is Cyclone Evan and I'm pretty sure it was named after our Cyclone Evan - the two and a half year old that lives in my house and is currently enjoying his afternoon nap. He has two speeds - off and full on. He sleeps like an angel but when he is awake he is full on ... it's like he is in a rush to experience life before it runs out. He wants to touch, feel, taste, say and do everything - right now. It's amazing to watch and exhausting to experience but right now it makes me feel so very sad. Those families in Connecticut just days ago had someone in their lives that affected them, whose sadness and joy and little quirky ways had an impact on their lives... and now those people are gone. They went off to school, somewhere their parents and friends and families never dreamed they would be unsafe and now they will never come home.

I have found this whole terrible terrible event so very sad and absolutely heartbreaking and even though we are more than an ocean away I feel so connected to their grief. Although it is hardly enough,  I send my deepest sympathy to those families in America who have been absolutely gutted by this tragedy so close to Christmas and I wanted to let them know that there are others in the world who grieve with and for them. My heart breaks for you in your loss.


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