Trying to find something new and interesting to do in the school holidays is always a challenge but last year we became members of FOZ (that's Friends of the Zoo - for those not in the know) and we have been able to pop over to the Zoo for little visits all year. It's been awesome.

The great thing is we get to have a little looky loo and then head home when we have had enough, not just hang around until we get our "moneys worth". As you probably know - smaller people have had enough fairly early in the piece and they morph from luscious to feral pretty quickly. I don't think we were the only people in Melbourne who had that inspired idea today though, as every man and his dog appeared to be there walking in front of my photo opportunities and invading my personal space.  

Alright truth be told, it may not have only been for the kids. Selfishly, I wanted to go and hang out in the humidity of the butterfly house and pretend I was on holidays, somewhere nice in the tropics. So, we cut a path through the crowds and as we made it to the butterfly house we found that it was closed for maintenance. How disappointing for me... I mean the kids.

Anyhoo, we spent about an hour or so ooohing and aaahhing over the babies. Orang-utan and elephants - that is, and in the seal and penguin enclosures which strangely we seem to have missed every time on our previous visits. We then fought our way back through the crowds - there was a huge long line out the front of people still waiting to get in to see the animals (obviously not for the serenity, as everyone else was in there taking up space too) and we still made it home in time for afternoon naps. The two year olds not mine. So I thought I should share some of our happy zoo snaps with you.



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