OK, so we all know that women are different from men even though we often find it frustrating and wish that men could "think" more like women sometimes. Well, I came across a short video by speaker/comedian Amanda Gore and it got me really thinking about those differences. So today I give you, my top 5 differences between women and men.


1. When you ask a man to do something and he hears your request he thinks that
it's a done deal and does not feel the need to actually acknowledge that with a
2. When the woman asks again because she did not get a reply the man thinks she's "on his back" and is nagging.

3. When a man doesn't want to do something he often just doesn't. For example he doesn't "do" cleaning toilets.

4. If a man has a problem - he talks about it briefly, comes up with a solution and doesn't want to talk about it again.

5. Men usually underestimate their weight and don't want to talk about it.


1. When women ask a man to do something and he hears the request we require an actual verbal responce in reply to know that our request was actually heard.

2. When the woman asks the man again - she thinks he did not hear here in the first place because he gave her no clue to indicate he actually had.   

3. When a woman doesn't want to do something, she usually does it anyway because it has to be done.

4. If a woman has a problem she discusses it from every angle. She talks about what she could or should have done and pretty much beats it to death by over talking it and she may not actually even be looking for a solution.
5. Women usually overestimate their weight and can't stop talking about it.
I know there a lot more examples than the few I have just plucked off the top of my head and if you have one you would like to share please do!

I have included the link to the actual video which inspired this post for you to check out. Go and make a cup of tea, put your feet up, take a few minutes and watch it. It will give you a little laugh and leave you thinking "that is so true!"  
Until next time..... perhaps we should be looking for the differences between men and women that we can actually enjoy. If all we wanted was sameness we might as well all change teams and join the lesbians. Not that there's anything wrong with that...



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