So, here's the thing. I posted this little anecdote the other day on facebook because I was thinking about it and it got a large and swift reply - which surprised me. So I thought it was worth talking about.

My mum said "Your hair is too long". "Too long for what?" I replied. She looked at me and said "Your age."

Now, I am going to be brutally honest here. With all the things I have spoken about in the last six  months or so I have never ever brought this up, so here goes. I am 42. I just turned 42 - I was only getting used to the trauma of turning 40 and now I'm 42. With being 42 comes the certainty that I will never look like, be as slim as or feel like I am 20.... ever,again. I'm OK with that.... well some of it but whatever the bits I'm not OK with, I'll just have to get over. What's the saying "there are only two alternatives, getting older or being dead!" - so I'll live with getting older thanks.

When I was 29 I went the big chop and had a really short haircut. At the time I thought it was fabulous - but on looking back at photo's of that time I actually look younger now.

I also had a fairly good chop about five years ago - not too short mind you, shoulder length.  When I looked in the mirror after that cut I thought "God, who is that middle aged mum looking at me?". I said to my mother "I look like a middle age mum!!" To which she replied "But you are a middle aged mum." To which I said "Here, why don't I just lie on the ground in front of you so it's easier for you to kick me."

The thing is age will come soon enough. I know I'm not 20.... or 30 anymore but is it a crime to want to do the best with what you've got?? When I wrote that little anecdote about being too old for my hair, I was deliberating going a much shorter do but the outcry for long lovely locks for ALL ladies no matter what your age made me re-think the whole thing.

Instead of the chop I went the trim. It's actually much redder than this picture looks.
I cited a number of more mature beauties who have held onto their locks in the discussion on hair length with my mother, such as Elle Macpherson, Courtney Cox and Julianne Moore. Are these women just fooling themselves? The question is, are they remaining youthful or just hanging onto something that worked for them in their 20's and not so much now?? Or do long luscious locks only work for celebrities and us mere mortal mums are destined to a life of manageable, mum dos?

Is there an age limit on long locks? When is the time to go the chop? What do you think?



01/29/2013 11:22pm

Your hair looks great ...and in regards to length ..each person is different. I know of a particular person we both know and having long hair really makes her look older than she is. I would love to take the scissors to her :P

01/31/2013 3:20pm

Your mum is so wrong!! I'm growing my hair at the moment, I'm 49 and would like to do more interesting things like buns etc.

I love long grey hair on women, my aunt used to have fantastic buns when her hair was salt and pepper and she looked great.

No old lady short haircuts here.

My question... who do people keep the same haircut for years and years, I chop and change mine and think it's so boring to have the same cut for decades.

01/31/2013 6:45pm

I think that too. I have the perfect blog post for you - how to acheive a really glamorous bun in seconds!! I have used it when I couldn't actually be bothered washing my hair - and even my mum said how great it looked!

Natalie D
02/01/2013 9:23pm

I always have had very long hair (well pass my shoulders) No, I don't find it boring. Maybe hot sometimes.))) Sometimes I wonder how would I look like with short hair, but I can't bear a thought of cutting them.Just trimming, ;-)

02/03/2013 12:54am

Thats the thing - I like having the length - there are so many things you can do with it, you can't do with short hair!

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