I had all these great ideas for today's post and I knew exactly what I wanted to share with you and then cyclone two year old hit!

The thing is that Spring arrived in downtown Melbourne and then in a matter of moments, it looked like it had slunk away to allow a little more winter to hog the lime light and as a result both myself and my two year old have ended up with some hideous flu that shows no signs of abating.

Anyhoo, I dragged my sorry butt around the house this morning trying to make it look as if at least one person here wasn't on a mission to trash it, as my small friend followed me around duly dragging more stuff out behind me as he went. I don't believe that he is malicious..... at least I don't think so. But when he waited until I laid down on the floor for a moment with him and then dived up and wacked me in the head with a rather heavy plastic toy, I began to re-evalute that.

It all started this morning when I noticed his older brother (who is 9) had thoughtfully left some textas on the carpet in the front room, which the two year old of course found. He decided to go with a lovely green colouring job on the floor tiles and grout and then moved onto the  cream coloured mat of the pool table. I was folding laundry in the other room and foolishly thought as long as I could hear him (which I could) then he was not up to no good (which is usually the case when things go quiet).

After that I sent him outside, where I could see all his goings on with a hat he insisted on wearing. Once he started beating the dog with said hat, I knew this day was not going to pick up. So I brought him back inside, onto my newly cleaned floors not realising that he had also been enjoying some quality time in the dogs bowl and now his shoes were not only wet ... but muddy. 

Now don't think for one moment I totally left him to his own devices all morning and hoped for the best ... because I didn't. I tried reading him books, to which came the reply "no thanks". I tried signing songs, playing with toys and when all else failed to capture his attention, I tried the "let's have a little lay on the floor together... we'll snuggle. How about that?." Which resulted in him trying to take me out with a ninja turtle get around vehicle ( I actually think it's bruised behind my hair line ... he's leaving marks that don't show. Should I be worried?).

In the end, I did the only thing I could think of and sent him to bed, for his midday nap (at 11ish).  He wailed and cried all the way there and then .... nothing. Ahhh piece at last. 

I think that's why they make them so cute.... so you don't go out into the back yard and eye of a nice soft area of soil to dig up....

I better go, I think I just heard him stir and the tapping of the keyboard will alert him to my presence......  

How is life going with your two year old? Or what age is giving you grief at the moment?



09/29/2012 7:33am

Hi Lee@ I had stumbled across your blog through digitalparents and been browsing through some of your earlier posts every now and then. Found I could relate to quite a number of them as now I'm going through an adventuresome first-time parenting experience with an almost 2.y.o. I was smiling and nodding along all the way through this particular post... especially the tapping of the keyboard part. I'd be typing away happily on my blog.... then suddenly I hear a little stir coming from the bedroom which stops my keyboard tapping short.. and I pause and hold my breath... hands hovering over the keyboard in midair... and hope to goodness that my typing didn't wake him up... but he does, a minute to soon.... but i love him to bits anyway

09/30/2012 3:52am

I'm glad you enjoyed that post - and that I am not on my own. It made me laugh to think of your fingers hovering over the keyboard waiting for the return of quiet. I feel you!


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