I'll bet when you hear the words holiday hangover the first thing to come to your mind is the day after a big night of tropical breezes, sex on the beach and perhaps a cocktail or two.... just kidding. But you know what I mean.

Well this is not in fact the holiday hangover I am referring to. I mean the kind of holiday hangover where you've been away somewhere different and enjoyed things you don't usually enjoy at home. Perhaps, pre-dinner drinks and nibblies, perhaps after dinner cocktails or just hanging about somewhere nice in the sun reading a book or having an afternoon nap if you so please, that kind of thing. It doesn't even matter if it's a really big holiday or just a weekend break.... just an escape from your version of the everyday drudgery. Then you come home, unpack your bags and put a load of washing on. Everyone sinks so quickly back into their everyday roles and it feels like you've never really been anywhere at all.  

The kind of holiday hangover I refer to is

the one where even though you are back in your usual swing of things your mind is still sitting by the pool, sipping a cocktail and reading a book. Or in my case still chatting, having nibblies and drinks with friends without having to worry about whose nappy needs to be changed, what you are going to make everyone for dinner or bedtime routines.

I went to Sydney over the weekend and the minute I stepped out of the airport the air was
warm and lovely. I had to peel off 12 layers of Melbourne clothes and it was wonderful. I chatted, I drank, I hung out and I even finished reading the second book in the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy (all after I left the airport, of course). I went to a party and I didn't even have to worry about bedtimes. It was just lovely. As it always does, when you're away from it all and enjoying yourself and hardly even looking at your watch - the time flies and soon enough you're on the flight back home.

I flew back with my 9 year old who is very capable of entertaining himself, so that was all very low maintanence and lovely. And the screaming kid, kicking his little feet into the seat in the row across from ours didn't even bother me...  mostly cause it wasn't my screaming kid.

So here I am, back home again - almost like I never went anywhere at all.... except for that small part of my brain that hasn't let it go just yet. But I believe, like any hangover
after a great night out ...... it takes a day or two to get over it.



07/15/2012 8:18pm

it suxs never enough time away !

07/15/2012 9:35pm

You're right. It never is ... and holiday time seems to travel so much faster than regular time!


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