As a stay at home mum my job description is varied, often sees ammendments added and new tasks are joined on to what seems like a never ending "to do" list on a daily basis.

My to do list, like every other stay at home mums includes the usual "life changing" tasks like washing, vacuuming, dinner, picking up kids and driving them about to their various appointments, like swimming lessons and the dentist. In essence my role is to keep everything rolling along at home with the least possible amount of hassle to my husband who is out doing the "actual earning". In essence, I guess you could say I am like a personal assistant to the CEO, only I work 7 days a week and I don't get a paycheck. Which is often where the frustration comes in.

I am sure I am not alone in those feelings of frustration. In being the one behind the scenes who never gets the credit. I imagine all those people who work so hard behind the scenes to create a movie, which goes onto phenomenal success must feel like that, when the "stars" of the movie are really the only ones who get a mention, no matter how important your role was.

I guess my biggest beef comes about from not being the primary account holder. You know, the husband is away at work and you are trying to handle all the day to day running of your family and a problem arises with the electricity or the phone or you have to call the bank. So you call on up to deal with the problem, between kids naps and bus stop picks up, you wait on the phone, forever,  listening to some crap muzak and some recorded voice telling you how important your call is - you finally get through to an actual person who tells you that due to the fact that you are not the primary account holder they can't help you. Due to privacy issues.... you understand. What!!?
This happened to me spectacularly a few years ago when my husband was in Western Australia playing golf "for business". We had just moved into a new house and there was a mix up with the electricity. Which they cut off. So my then four year old and I were sitting in a cold house, in winter, in Melbourne, where we didn't really know anyone and the sun was beginning to set on a friday afternoon. To which the electricity company "couldn't" help me because I was not the primary account holder. Eventually it was rectified after numerous angry phone calls to my husband (from me) and more angry phone calls to the electricity company (from my husband). 

As the stay at home mum, you are often not eligible to be the main account holder because your job, whilst important, is often not regarded that way in society due to the lack of financial reward it brings. So, even though you are left to organise all the bills, find the cheepest providers for services and follow up all the mail that comes through - you don't have any real sway with anyone outside of your immediate home. Not where it counts anyway. I think that is what may have happened in the United States Postal Service. So much responsiblity, rain, hail or shine and yet no actual power to speak of. No wonder the term "going Postal" has caught on.

Gotta run, I'm just on hold with the bank ...... I may just go postal yet.



6/24/2012 03:09:20 pm

ummm can't you have two people on the account?

6/24/2012 07:33:05 pm

Good question Cherylanne and on some things we do. But some of them only allow one primary account holder and your name is on the "list", so you can make some changes and not others - I have no idea how they decide what you are actually allowed to have access to. With stuff like the bank, such as credit cards. You can only have one primary account holder - and it's not the person who's working from home not making any money! Funnily enough, they won't give you your own when youv'e got no earnings to back it up.


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