I have posted a little about finding your joy in the past and I know that sometimes when you are bogged down by the same old stuff each week, every week, it's hard to focus on the good stuff. In a concerted effort to focus more on the good stuff I have decided to share the highlights of all the things I enjoyed or the stuff which made me smile each week. Basically some "joylights" from the week.

Favourite blogs / Facebook page's of the week.

Portraits of Wildflowers - has some amazingly beautiful nature close -ups. A nice cup of tea and a scroll through here is almost like getting some breathing room and going on a nice walk through nature..... Almost.
From Timbuktu Magazine's Facebook page - lots of really fun pictures for kids and stuff to do with them. I loved this particular pic. of "lunch" - but I do wonder if I would make the effort to create them myself....I'm going to go with probably not.  

Favourite show of the week goes to .....

If you have not seen Snow White and the Huntsman get yourself a babysitter and get out there. I know its a effort and it's cold - but do it anyway. I also went to see Rock of Ages, with Tom Cruise which was not bad either. I actually caught both of these movies in the last week which is ironic because these are the only movies I've actually made it to see all year! That's probably my quota for 2012, so don't expect a lot more of them.

Pretty stuff I just liked and wanted to share

I don't even own an iphone - but I love this little cover anyway. The image just made me happy.
I'm not planning on wearing them - they amused me.

Just a few quick ones to add at the end. I am also loving

* The fact that my two year old little guy is now talking in sentences - yay, very cute. Although it's usually to demand something, so manners are high on the to do priority list. And my nine year old is finally experimenting with new foods - dinner times having always been a battle at our house. So now that that's subsided we have gone back to being regaled with Skylander stories and knock knock jokes at the dinner table.... but I'm sure that's a win - Right?

* Pinterest - http://pinterest.com/ - if you have not gotten into it yet, check it out. It's like an online cork board to keep all your stuff on the net. I know it sounds like one more thing to learn about but trust me it's worth it.  There is some great stuff for the kids and you on there.

* I also enjoyed the fact that my hubby was on holidays with us this week during the school holidays which made it feel less like groundhog day, even though it was a "stay-cation" (i.e - we pretty much hung around the house, unless you count our visit to Costco and my happy place San Churros as a day out).

Wishing you a weekend of "joylights"




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