So here's the thing. It's hard to be all glamour at Christmas time with a two year old because it's really just a fight to keep him from kicking the tree baubles around the house every time I turn my back. So in an effort to keep him entertained and do something a little crafty (and by little, I mean not too much effort or expense on my part) I did a little searching on Pinterest and came across this nifty little crafty idea to keep the kids entertained. I first came across this idea on Sol and Rachel Do a Blog but there are heaps of different versions on Pinterest and now here is mine!

This felt Christmas Tree can be decorated over and over by the kids (felt sticks to felt - so there is no mess) and packed up and brought back out the following year.

I headed down to Spotlight for the materials and all up it cost about $11.  I purchased 1 metre of green felt for the tree and five squares of different coloured felt for the materials.

Here are my tips for making the experience as pain free as possible.

Fold the tree green felt in half. Pin the two sides together and draw your tree design on one side and then cut through both sides at the same time following the lines you have just drawn. If you try and draw the whole tree onto felt to cut out you will never be able to get it symmetrical on both sides!!

Draw templates for your Christmas decorations like the bows, balls and candy canes onto paper once and then reuse the templates by sticky taping them onto the felt and then cutting them out. You can cut through the tape and carefully peal it off the felt when your decorations are cut out.

I outlined a glass onto paper to create my template for the balls. But you could use a range of different circles like  a roll of tape or egg cups to create different size balls, which means the kids can overlay them on top of each other or put them up separately.

I stuck my tree to the wall using bluetac and the felt "sticks" to itself - so you can hang the decorations again and again and again.
How could you not LOVE this idea!? Look at that happy little face!

I am going to be taking a bloggy break from my usual posting schedule over the school holiday period so that I can spend some time with and on my ferals... I mean children and the rest of my family. I will be doing more the occassional post rather than my usual schedule of posts over this time.

As I will probably be knee deep in kiddy activity stuff up until Christmas and beyond- I would like to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas period and a safe and healthy start to 2013. See you in the New Year.

Merry Christmas,

12/20/2012 11:03:40 am

Great tree idea Lee - we've only decorated the top 2/3 of our tree, but there are still decorations under foot!
Merry Christmas,

12/20/2012 02:58:22 pm

Wow, I love that idea!! He is gorgeous too. Have a fantastic Christmas, Rachel xx

12/21/2012 11:30:33 am

What an original idea! And looks like the little man is loving it too! Merry Christmas! x

12/26/2012 09:01:38 pm

A great idea! Best wishes for the New Year!


What a wonderful idea! It's so nice to give children a tree they really can play with. I've pinned this post. Thank you for sharing it with the Gallery of Favorites.

Lee - Mother Load
1/2/2013 11:47:05 am

Thanks to every one who gave some feedback about this post. I really enjoyed making it for my own child and I am thrilled that others enjoyed it as well. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your small people.


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