We often hear about the great divide between the stay at home mum and the working mum (exacerbated by the media) which can leave both groups feeling resentful towards the other.

Even though there are positives to both ways of mothering.  Working mums can feel the guilt of leaving a large portion of their child rearing in the hands of someone who is paid to be nice to their kids. Whilst stay at home mums can sometimes feel resentful that they may have given up their own sense of self to stay at home and be there for their kids.

It's a hard one.

Some mums need to work for financial reasons or just for their own mental well being. Some mums love being at home with their offspring, able to attend every school presentation and participate in school canteen and even playground duties. (Which I find quite astounding - seeing as my background is teaching. Nobody actually puts  their hand up for playground duty. Even when you are paid to do it..... but I digress). 

Then you have that other group of mums, the part time worker. This mum, whilst appearing to have the best of both worlds can often find it difficult to strike up a perfect balance. It's hard to make co-workers feel like you are pulling your weight, especially when you are finishing off at the end of the day (after doing four days work in two) and you hear the casual comment "enjoy your long weekend" as you head out the door to your "other job" - full time mum. Then you go home to sit around and watch Dr Phil, eating Tim Tams, while your children entertain themselves until naptime and you don't give work another thought! NOT.

But, back to my original point (yes I know, it's a long time coming) it's all hard

There isn't one right way to be a mother and it's hard enough without the rivalry. How about we give each other a break and offer support to a mother who is on a different "team" to our own?

After all, what would it hurt??