Here's the thing with kids, you can't wait for their next exciting milestone and then they get there and it bites you in the arse. You know what I mean, you can't wait for them to walk ... and then they start running off on you in public. You can't wait for them to talk ... and then they won't stop or worse start talking back. Or the one which has today effected me  - you can't wait for them to grow little teeth so they can start eating whatever everyone else is eating and then they start biting other kids with those new, sharp little fangs. 

OK, we have had a few incidents at home, mostly involving his older brother -
who is too rough with him and I'll admit it ... sometimes I want to bite him
too. I will say that I have uttered the phrase "just because you want to hit
your big brother doesn't mean you can - I know how it feels, sometimes I want to
give him one too... but we can't go around wacking people as we feel like it!"

Todays "you may be sorry what you wished for.." goes to my little guy deciding that someone else in the gym creche was just too yummy not to bite. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately he bit one of our friends - so I did not have to deal with some feral mother who believes that
my child has some strange type of vendetta and plans on taking the whole creche down, one bite at at time. But due to the stringent privacy laws they now have everywhere you go, they could not even tell me that he bit his friend and I was the one there signing them both out! Which led to this exhange with his mother when we met outside. "My little guy has bitten someone in the creche today  ....... and on a totally unrelated matter they have asked me to tell you, you need to go into the creche and sign an accident form because some kid bit your

Which leaves me with something I utter quite alot ..... ahhh kids. Who thought that was a good idea?



07/08/2012 7:56pm

LOL at creche oh der!! how silly.... he will get over it its the only way they can communicate frustration at their age and its not like he does it all the time

07/08/2012 10:16pm

No he doesn't. I think some people must look tastier than others!!


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