Hi there and welcome to Motherload - the very first posting!! Da Da. I plan to  explore the rumblings, ruminations and rants of one everyday mother who was supposed to be extraondinary - but who's powers of "extraordinaryness" have yet  to arrive. Surely, I am not the only one who feels that they were supposed to be somewhere else at "this stage of the game" and sadly, are not?

I am a mother of two smallish children, 9 and 2, a wife and a stay at home mum. Something I have yet to come to terms with  .. the stay at home mum bit - not my children. I did not see my life turning in this particular direction until I was already standing there looking about vaguely thinking .. how the hell did that happen? Where is my stellar career, where is my purpose, why do I have no reason to get out of yoga pants? 

As a mother who is looking for an everyday stimulation outside the act of mothering, I have set myself a small challenge. Well, perhaps a big challenge... it depends on how motivated I really am once this is out there in cyberspace for all (or no-one) to see. I plan to blog
everyday for the next year. That's right - you heard it here. A post a day for
the next 365 days. 

I have started and abandoned two previous blogs, well, they are still there - just not me, they
don't seem to quite fit what I wanted and I was unsure of their direction - I am beginning to sense a theme here. But I have a feeling that setting this particular goal will keep me on track. I am a creative type, so I plan to  use Motherload to talk about the daily frustrations of a being stay at home mum,  the joys (alright - you got me... it's not ALL bad), some of my creative ventures and challenges and maybe even some tips and recommendations, should I
come across anything exciting enough to pass on.

So there it is, out there for the world to see. Or no-one. I could just be talking to
myself. But a challenge is a challenge. So.... challenge accepted!! Woohoo, here
we go! I can feel the adrenaline kicking in already or that could just be the
endorphins as I am just about to get back into 50 Shades of Grey - the
phenomena. I am yet to see what all the hoo haa is about but I am only 80 pages
in, so I'll keep you posted.