For those of you who have never been to Melbourne (and even those of you who live here but don’t get out much) I have a treat for you today. I am going to take you on a visual tour of some of my favourite spots in Melbourne. 

Melbourne has to be one of the most people friendly cities in the world and there are lots of things to see and do but today I have focused on just a few. Enjoy.

You may notice from looking at the map that I only covered a really really small part of Melbourne on today's visual tour but there is just so much to take in I didn't want to overwhelm you on our first day out!!

If you have enjoyed the images please let me know and if you would prefer them as still images instead of a slide show let me know that too!! Next time, I think we will look at some more kid friendly places to go.



08/22/2012 9:09pm

Lee, these photos were fun to look at. My fav is the Hopetoun Tea Rooms. I SO deserve to go there! Alas, I'll have to sleuth out a closer similar spot in the U.S., at least until I visit Melbourne... How did you put together that slide show?

08/23/2012 12:43am

Glad you liked it Hollie!! They are all my photos - and I use for my blog and the "slideshow" is one of the really easy to use applications available on there. I know you can get a slide show added to wordpress format - but it's more fiddly than setting it up on weebly. The thing I like about weebly is it's all drag and drop. And the Hopetoun tea rooms are really beautiful. You can't fit a pram in there - but the delights are mouth watering!


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