It's a bit hard to talk about what's happening in the life of a stay at home mum without making mention of the current talk of the town, the literary trilogy - 50 Shades of Grey.

It seems that everywhere I go someone has read it, is reading it or is about to read it. So in an effort to be able to participate in the discussions on these books when they came up, I gave in and started to read the books - purely for research purposes, of course.

I have completed reading the first in the trilogy which is 50 Shades of Grey and have begun on the second instalment which is 50 Shades Darker but the whole thing got me thinking about the marketing juggernaut these books have become and what's next. I know a couple of friends who have wondered what they are going to do once Christian Grey is no longer in their lives and what they will do to fill the void. So, I thought to myself it's a wonder some marketing guru has not come up with the next big thing, or perhaps a way of prolonging the 50 Shades experience, so on that thought I have come up with my top 10 ideas to kick it off...

1. 50 Shades of Grey - the Vanilla Accessories Pack - A box of assorted tools to start the 50 Shades experience at home. Perhaps some "lightweight vanilla" tools to get the party started, like massage oils, vanilla flavoured candles, classical CDs and a blindfold??

2. 50 Shades of Grey - the hardcore Pack. A paddle and other assorted devices - I think the name speaks for itself .... use your imagination and go crazy with that one. 

3. 50 Shades Away - the smaller travel size pack of the vanilla or hardcore pack - for those who like to take a little bit of home with them.

4. 50 Shades of Gay - the book .....seriously why should heterosexuals have all the fun.

5. 50 Shades Far Away -  remote controlled devices for the long distance couple who like to maintain the bond(age).

6. 50 Shades for the Grey - a seniors instruction manual, tackling the hardcore for the less flexible. 

7. 50 Shades of Play - an erotic game for you and your partner? And you thought twister was hardcore. 

8. 50 Shades Today - A 365 page book with a new "exercise" to try each day - or you could flick through and pick a random one each day (might be included with the 50 Shades Hardcore pack - so you're never left unprepared)

9. 50 Shades My Way  - A book of example contracts and spaces for you to fill in your own likes and dislikes - something for you and your partner to "bond over". 

10. 50 Shades Delayed - A little subtlety never goes astray. How about that instead of all those overt "Make Sex Last Longer" signs you have to explain to your kids sitting in the
back of the car on the freeway....... OK I'll get off my soapbox.

Well, you get the idea.... perhaps you have some of your own. I would love to hear them. 



PS - I do have to thank my friend for the initial inspiration (50 Shades of Gay) and ironically his initials are S & M. Go figure .... 


07/13/2012 5:50pm

I haven't read it yet, however for research purposes I to think I should jump on this band wagon. On my way to the shops to see if there are any copies left in the country. I love reading your thoughts on everything. Have missed you my friend

07/15/2012 9:37pm

: ) Thanks Kaye - you should get on board .... for research purpose, of course.

07/13/2012 6:00pm

Lee, you're a genius! Had me giggling!

07/13/2012 7:17pm

Thanks Crystal - glad you enjoyed it!!

11/26/2012 2:25am

i must be the only person i know who didnt like it... there i have said it out loud.

11/26/2012 1:42pm

I don't think you were alone. I read it to see what it was all about, forced myself to read the second book because I thought it just HAD to get better and could not get more than a third through the third book because it didn't - get any better. But I see that there are 50 shades ladies packs out for Christmas with specialised "equipment" - if I only I had got to work on that idea instead of just talking about it!


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