When you become a parent a whole new world is opened up to you. Some of it is wondrous, some of it is disgusting and a lot of it involves you doing things you never dreamed you would ever be doing.

So for all those people who are thinking about having a baby, about to have a baby or dream one day of having a lovely little bundle of joy, I give you the 12 things I had never done before becoming a parent, so that you can feel much more prepared for what is to come than I was.

For those of you who are already parents, not only will you be fairly familiar with each thing on the list but you will more than likely have a number of things you had never done before to add to the list. Feel free to comment and add at the end, by no means is this a definitive list... I am sure as the children grow there will more things I never dreamed I would ever be doing.

Before becoming a parent I had never:

1. Been bitten
2. Held someone still so I could smell their bottom
3. Wiped someone else's nose with my fingers and wiped it on my pants (no tissues around)
4. Caught vomit in my hands so it wouldn't go on the carpet
5. Bit food into smaller pieces so I could feed it to someone else
6. Squashed someone into the washing basket so I could drag them around the house
7. Carried a screaming person out of a very public place over my shoulder
8. Stood for a long time just watching someone sleep
9. Put my fingers under someone's nose to make sure they were actually breathing and just asleep.
10. Gotten into an argument at a play centre
11. Spent so much time discussing why girls don't have a penis and where babies come from
11. Hidden the mop so it could not be used as a make shift weapon
12. Loved someone so unconditionally

Please feel free to add your own.




11/25/2012 7:44pm

Weirdly enough, I've never done the catching vomit thing. I'm a bit precious, I'd rather it went on the floor.

The thing I do most, which I never used to is step on Lego on a daily basis, and find it in the most unusual places..

11/25/2012 7:59pm

I think it was instinct, rather than protecting the carpet. That and perhaps catching the vomit was less unpleasant than getting the smell out of the carpet later. Don't even get me started on bits of lego left around the house!

11/25/2012 8:06pm

Hide in the toilet just to get a few minutes of piece and quiet or time to myself !!


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