We are now heading full steam toward back to school (Yee Har! Ooops, did I say that out loud?) and the thing that may dampen my enthusiasm just a little is the fact that I have another three years before my smallest person goes off into the wide world of education - even though he will be three this year. Due to his birthday missing the cut off for starting education in this part of Australia I will have his happy little face at home for another three years.

That is not to say that I don't love his happy little face, I do. More than life itself in fact. It is just that sometimes I catch myself flicking through Target catalogues thinking how nice it would be to go out and purchase some new work clothes and then actually have somewhere to wear them. Don't get me wrong, I love my yoga pants and shorts... but still.

Anyhoo all this has got me thinking about life BK (before kids) and of the world that opened up to me when I became a mum. I have a few friends who are thinking about becoming, are about to become, or have just become mums and I wanted to share my list of the 12 things I have learned since becoming a parent. Those of you who are already parents will know exactly what I am talking about. 

12 Lessons I Have Learned Since Becoming a Parent.

1. You can never have enough bandaids, tissues, wipes and snacks. So always pack more than you think you will actually need... a lot more.

2. If you think you have more than enough activities to keep a toddler occupied on a plane - double it and some, or spend the rest of your trip trying to stop the game of up / down tray table and seat kick and just live with the hairy eyeball the person in the seat in front is giving you through the seat gap.

3. A toddler will always find the hole in the toddler proof environment - get down to their level and find out where it is before they do.

4. Things that are popular in March for kids over 5 will be lame by December - so shopping that far ahead for kids Christmas presents is a waste of time, no matter how much cheaper it is.  

5. Selective deafness means kids don't hear you asking them to clean up their rooms (10 times) but does mean they will probably be listening into your private conversations.

6. Chances are they will bring that new found information up in front of the people you were actually talking about.

7.The same show can be watched over and over and over because it's their favourite and you just don't understand how much they love it.

8. That same show is now oh so ten minutes ago and you should never mention it again - without expecting to get that look.

9. Even if they are so full they could not fit in one more tiny little vegetable .... there is always room for dessert

10. Going on a holiday with kids hardly ever means you are actually going to have a  break. 

11. Even if you are just going out for a quick trip with a toddler you will probably be unprepared and it always pays to bring a snack and a drink

12. Going grocery shopping with a toddler is like organising a cross between a covert manoeuvre and a cruise. You have to have enough activities to keep the troops entertained or they will go rouge and you can't tell them about it before you get there or they will over excite themselves.

This is by no means the complete lessons - those little devils teach me new things every day! I would love to hear some of the lessons you have learned since becoming a parent so don't forget to share them in the comments section below.



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01/27/2013 10:44pm

This post is twelve points of wisdom.

01/27/2013 11:23pm

Why, thank you.

01/28/2013 4:13am

Agreed with everything, it's amazing what we can learn from the little buggers. I have my 3 yr old home for another two whole years, and 1 whole year before she can start kindy!

01/28/2013 7:22pm

I hear ya!

02/01/2013 2:59am

You so could have been talking about my life. My oldest is am end of March baby so went to school this year but I feel for those with kiddies born in July - I gotta say WTF is it with a calender year start date?! My middle boy is gonna die in the ass waiting two more years to go - and so am I - it's just 'lucky' I have a third to keep him amused - NOT... Emily

02/01/2013 3:53am

It will be years before you and your partner can sit down for an uninterrupted meal !!!! Now that she is all grown up, we have whole uninterrupted weekends - what bliss !!!
Hang in there it does get better. Have a great weekend !
#FYBF visitor

02/03/2013 12:50am

Not that I am wishing my kids childhoods away - but I think that sounds wonderful! A weekend away... what IS that? : )

02/02/2013 10:29pm

I LOVED reading your post! I was smiling the whole way while I was reading through! I'm going to print it and put in a place where I can look at it often! (We are trying to have kids!)

02/03/2013 12:51am

Thanks Rita and good luck with your baby making!!

02/03/2013 7:29pm

Ha, I love number 7. I have no idea how my kids can watch the same DVD every damn day. Drives me bananas. And yes, number one is a HUGE one. You can NEVER have enough!
Great post x


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